Race Cancelled – Boo…

So this weekend sees me sitting back, taking some well-deserved rest. I have been fighting ignition/timing/carb gremlins due to my ignorance, and I’ll be bugging anyone I know with VW bug experience to come out. I need to change the oil, cut open the filter, and otherwise get organized enough to do the valve job as well as other service things that need to happen. There’s a new cap and rotor on there now, as well as new plug wires. Only thing left that has me worried are the plugs themselves, which I’ll get a new set soon enough.


Progress Report

I’ll try to post an update weekly for a while, see if I can commit to that much communication.  :)

Installation of the new carb hasn’t helped much. I’ve certainly not tuned it properly just yet, and I’m pretty sure my timing is pretty close to advanced 30 degrees, the suggested timing for this motor.  There’s a pretty solid miss that I’m still tracking down, not happy if I have to get some better plug wires, again.  The plugs also may get replaced, and I installed an electronic ignition module to replace the points which may or may not be an issue.  All in all, it wasn’t the most rewarding tuning session.

Good news is that a compression test on all 4 cylinders came out over 150 psi EACH!  It was within 2-3 lbs on each cylinder, and the fittings are pretty solid on the tester now so I have confidence in the reading.  What problems I have now are very likely intake and or timing.  I also need to lash the valves now that there has been some break-in time, that will be for the next tune up.

Electrical install is about 80% done, but the rear brake pressure sensors are not helping out on battery life.  Seems the brake lights stayed on a good while, and semi-melted the entire assembly!  I’ll need new lights, fortunately these were cheap ones I doubted already. The rest of the electrical system worked out perfectly, and I plan on putting a whole-system cut-off for the battery in the near future.

First Attendance – September 26-27 in Notrees, Texas!

Howdy folks!

I’ll soon be posting the updated pictures of the build, and latest additions including switch panels and electrical systems.  Just installed a 30PICT-3 in the buggy, and should have her tuned up later this evening.

In other news, I’ve been invited to the TDRA Notrees 150 on September 26 and 27th, and I am working currently on accommodations and funding for the trip.  If you would like to donate or sponsor this trip, in dollars or dogecoin, do let me know.  I expect to spend more than $300, which would cover at least the fire suit and some seat belts.  I hate to be on a budget, but I also think that adds to the fun.  Penny pinching a victory would be a laugh and a half!

Looking forward to the Notrees 150, will be posting pics from that event as well!